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Vendors helping vendors: Working together benefits business, consumers

Posted by Emily Pinner on Feb 22, 2018 9:55:58 AM


Most all the vendors in the Chattanooga area know each other and work together to make the events thrown here memorable and amazing. (Photo: Fernando Arcos, StockSnap)

One of the many joys of being in a midsize city like Chattanooga is that it’s large enough to sustain a wide variety of businesses and industries but small enough that you often run into people you know when you’re out and about.

This can be embarrassing when you run into Walgreens to get toothpaste without brushing your hair and end up in line behind an old co-worker, but it’s beneficial most of the time to live in a town where everyone knows everyone.

For those of us in the event planning industry, we’re very proud of this small town feel because it’s so useful to us. Because this is a town with very few less-than-stellar people in my industry, we can confidently pair our clients with others in the field on a regular basis.

I work with contacts daily to ensure that our clients receive the best-possible service and the best-possible products. My colleagues and I work together on everything from creating specialty drinks to food and wine pairings to coordinating behind-the-scenes logistics that a client is unlikely to even think about, much less be prepared to handle themselves.

We know whom we can count on to refer our clients to. None of us would ever do anything to lead a valuable client astray, so you can trust us to make sure your wedding, 50th anniversary party, bar mitzvah or corporate Christmas party will be top-notch.

Although this town is filled with great event service providers, some are better-suited for some situations than others, and rather than a client having to make 15 phone calls to determine who is best for a job, they can ask an event planner and know immediately. I can sniff out situations like this pretty quickly during an initial consultation and have clients paired with the best vendors for their needs by the end of the business day. Word-of-mouth speaks volumes in a midsize town.

I always ask a new client whom else they are working with when we sit down to a consultation. The reason this is so important to me is because I have firsthand knowledge of who can and will do what and who has what resources. For example, I know which caterers have their own bartenders and which rely on the client to contact a staffing company themselves for that need. I know which venues have ice machines and coolers and which don’t.

Whether it’s a small backyard wedding or a daylong Riverfront music festival, the Scenic City’s event coordinators will work hard to ensure that everyone who attends your event has the time of their lives.

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